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Spotify for Artists – what and why?

“Spotify for Artists” may prove to be the key to success for The Record Man project on one of the world’s most important music streaming services. It is a special panel dedicated to artists with a set of tools with the help of which we can take control over our own artist profile on the service. Thanks to this we will develop our presence on the platform and better reach our current and future fans.

What is Spotify for Artists?

Spotify for Artists is a tool that allows you to manage your profile (change your photo, biography or playlist), get detailed information about your music and audience (access statistics), promote new music to playlists, create ads and mark important songs, concerts and playlists with the Artist Pick feature.

“Artist’s Pick” allows us to highlight the most important information for fans on an artist’s profile homepage. This is where we can brag about our own song, recommend a track by another artist, announce an upcoming concert, suggest a new playlist or encourage people to listen to an entire album. Marketers encourage regular use of this tool to promote music and events.

Stats and Recommendations

The latest version of Spotify for Artists provides artists with improved statistics about their music and fans. It is now possible to view the total number of people listening to an artist’s work worldwide at any time. In addition, a real-time preview of listening statistics is available for a week after the release of a new song.

What’s more, the stats in Spotify for Artists provide a host of other important information, including who the listeners are, where they’re from and what similar artists they listen to. All of this is provided in a more attractive and readable format. As The Record Man, we can view these types of statistics on both specific songs and entire playlists.

In the Spotify for Artists app we can also find a section that contains recommendations showing how to fully use the potential of Spotify. These will include recommendations for analysing statistics and data, information on product updates and advice from some of the world’s best artists.


In addition to statistics and recommendations, Spotify for Artists can help us create advertising campaigns. The platform provides an impressive number of areas to place ads and also provides tools to customise them, which I’ve covered in this article.

Every time we share a new song or album, we can use Spotify for Artists to create a promotion and promote the track to fans and users who may want to listen to more of our music.