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Przemysław Kurecki
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  1. We are the greatest perfectionists in Poland. 😇
  2. That’s why we spend 3 hours on something that should be ready in 30 minutes.
  3. We don’t deliver unfinished or unattractive projects until they start to please us.
  4. Even if that means we’ll work 2x harder.
  5. It took us 3 days to create this list. 🕒
  6. It’s designed to convince you of our unconventional approach, which cannot be forgotten.
  7. And make us win a new satisfied customer.
  8. Because we want your money. 💰
  9. We have balls to tell you that.
  10. We’ll do everything we can to bring what you pay us back to you (and more than that).
  11. You won’t believe it at first and you won’t want to pay us much. 👎
  12. After analyzing the results, you’ll be asking us to want more of your money.
  13. Our competition could destroy us.
  14. Unfortunately, after deeper analysis, they fear that we will come back stronger. 💪
  15. And that their clients will come to us and will want us to want more of their money.
  16. Your competitors will probably contact us when we finish creating your new website.
  17. If we like you very much, we’ll charge them double the hourly rate.
  18. We are very persuasive. 🎯
  19. But we’re not using it against you.
  20. But we will convince your customers that you have the best services or products.
  21. Because we’ll make an incredibly juicy website.
  22. We know how to sell. 🤑
  23. So we’ll sell you a bazooka when you’ll need a small water gun.
  24. Because we want you to win, and we want your money.
  25. We don’t use the word “you must”, we prefer – “you should”.
  26. We’ll teach you this art – all you have to do is start the quote.
  27. We carefully analyze every request for quotation. 📈
  28. We ask additional questions to better understand your need.
  29. We help to find the best individual solution and on its basis we make a tailor-made project.
  30. Most often we offer 3 options – budget, optimal and exclusive.
  31. Even companies with smaller budgets can often afford an exclusive solution. 💡
  32. We have prices almost 50% lower than the rest, compared to the scope and quality of services provided.
  33. This allows us to offer you the best price/quality ratio on the market.
  34. In that regard, we are almost unbeatable. 🥊
  35. We do not beat around the bush and do not create long, multi-page documentation.
  36. We prefer to shorten everything and use the time saved for practical tasks.
  37. This allows us to offer even higher quality at the same price.
  38. 95% of clients stay with us for many, many years. 🔥
  39. 5% have probably already earned millions and have no reach on their private island.
  40. 85% of customers probably have no words after seeing the design of their website, because they do not report any corrections.
  41. Which we are happy about, because we pass on projects with an interesting effect, which can sometimes be ruined by corrections.
  42. But still with a smile on our face, we will implement changes if it is the client’s will.
  43. Every year we generate hundreds of thousands of visits to our customers from Google. 😎
  44. We support our country in this way.
  45. Because our customers have more profits and pay more taxes.
  46. Every year we increase the total number of generated visits by almost 50%.
  47. We think we should get an award from the President. 🥇
  48. We optimize websites according to Google best practices.
  49. We advise, instruct and teach customers during the SEO process.
  50. We always give a comprehensive answer to all questions.
  51. We are up to date with current trends in the world of SEO and webdesign.
  52. The results of our work are visible after just a few months of cooperation. 🎉
  53. Something others call marketing, we call an ace up our sleeve.
  54. In 2019 we did not spend a penny on advertising.
  55. Because we wouldn’t be able to handle such an influx of customers.
  56. We prefer to focus on a limited number of loyal clients.
  57. And offer them the best possible quality and full individuality. 👌
  58. Customers stop playing Euro Millions when they start working with us.
  59. Because they know that by finding our company they’ve exhausted the limit of their luck.
  60. And still, they are incredibly happy.
  61. We present a different approach that you won’t find anywhere else.
  62. Our projects are remembered. 🧠
  63. They also often take your breath away and cause your pulse to accelerate.
  64. Someone who said there were no perfect things has not seen our projects.
  65. No, we’re kidding. He was right. There are no perfect things. 💎
  66. But we’re doing everything we can to make it perfect.
  67. The one who said there were no impossible things was also right.
  68. So we take on even demanding projects.
  69. And we present solutions that you may have considered unrealistic a moment ago.
  70. We’re doing everything we can to surprise you positively. 🙃
  71. And we make sure that you read the messages from us with a smile and peace of mind.
  72. Because we believe that a satisfied customer is the best form of advertising.
  73. Thanks to this approach, we have never received a rating lower than 4 stars.
  74. You will probably love us. 💝
  75. You don’t have to start talking to us with “Good morning”.
  76. We won’t be offended if you say “Hi” or “Hello”.
  77. And we’d love to call each other by name! 👋

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